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MMR Performance has joined RacingLine, renowned Volkswagen/Audi tuners based in Milton Keynes, UK.

The addition of MMR Performance into the RacingLine family now gives the MMR brand the opportunity to accelerate product development, distribution and marketing presence to the next level .

“To open MMR’s next chapter alongside such a highly regarded brand as RacingLine allows us to realise our vision for the company’s future,” explained Max Marshall, founder of MMR Performance. “We have always received fantastic and positive feedback from our dealers and customers that are involved with MMR brand, so I have no doubt whatsoever that when exposed to a wider audience, these products will take off overnight.”

“By positioning MMR Performance within RacingLine’s operations, many new opportunities open up to leverage ever more expertise to delight the BMW and Mini enthusiast market. There is so much ‘best-practice’ that we can exchange between both brands – from product engineering, to sourcing, to marketing, to our dealer networks. For MMR, it’s the right step, at the right time, with the right partner,” continued Marshall.

In joining RacingLine, MMR becomes a part of the wider family of Euro Motorparts Group (EMP), California, alongside such esteemed brands as EMPI and 034Motorsport.

This partnership represents an excellent fit for both companies, having a very similar quality ethos of best-in-class performance parts under a strong motorsport-oriented brand. By joining the two companies behind the scenes, we can now offer our customers more of what they love from MMR Performance with access to RacingLine's resources.

Sam Roach, Managing Director of RacingLine summarised, "We could not be more thrilled to welcome MMR Performance into the RacingLine family. It’s a brand that we've always greatly respected. Now we can collaborate directly to do more of the things that have made both companies successful. By sharing our design vision, engineering resources and market experience, supported by the strength of EMP Group behind us, we feel we have created a powerful force in the enthusiast market for owners of Volkswagen Group and BMW Group performance vehicles."

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