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How to tune your BMW M2 G87, M3 G80, M3 G81 Touring, M4 G82 or M4 G83 Convertible.

You read that right, we're going to show you how to tune your G-Series M-Car right here, right now. A plug-and-play increase in power for G-Series M-Cars. Removable and undetectable.

M3 G81 in a dyno

If you're an avid BMW Stan, then you'll know that the tuning potential is more than limited at this moment in time (March 24). Albeit expensive and risky, you can remove your ECU and send it away for an ECU unlock before tuning. Not only is this a royal PITA, but it also puts your M-Car at risk of voiding the warranty or damaging an ECU in the process.

Don't worry, all is not lost!

Over the last 12 months, we've been developing our tuning solution specifically designed for G-Series M-Cars. Say hello to the MMR PCM: Power Control Module.

Unlock unparalleled power, effortlessly.

We offer two types of PCM: one for the higher-output M-Cars such as the G80 M3 and G82 M4, and the other is for the G87 M2. Our PCM works on all X-Drive and RWD models including Competition and non-Competition models.

BMW G80 M3 & G82 M4 2021+

+110 HP & +140 NM

BMW G87 M2 2023+

 +100 HP & +100 NM

Powerful performance made simple.

Maybe your G-Series M-Car can't yet be tuned via conventional methods or you're concerned about the warranty. Well, whatever the reason, not everyone is ready to tune their car through traditional methods; the MMR PCM could be your perfect tuning solution!

MMR PCM installed on carbon bracket

PCM works on a standalone PCB, which communicates with the factory ECU. Developed by MMR's own in-house calibration experts over the past 12 months, it allows the vehicle to safely increase power and torque levels throughout the entire rev range.

Easily installed, and easily removed at any time without a trace. 

What PCM does.

PCM works by using our in-house developed calibration running on our standalone PCB, which communicates in parallel with the factory ECU.


This communication route allows the PCM to safely optimise a variety of electronic sensor signals in real-time, interfacing between the engine controls and its sensors. With multiple channels such as charge air pressure, ignition, and fuelling controlled by the PCM computer, the result is increased power and torque across the whole powerband of the engine.

We have carried tens of thousands of development miles of rigorous testing on our in-house dyno, on the road and track with numerous calibrations, across multiple cars and different hardware installations, allowing us to find the sweet spot for engine performance, drivability, and safety.

PCM vs ECU Calibration.

We're completely honest about this, the PCM calibration is not as sophisticated as a full ECU calibration.


To keep the car smooth, safe, and reliable, PCM's power levels have to be kept lower than traditional ECU calibrations. But of course, you'll love the power boost you get from PCM, combined with the drivability and efficiency gains.

Install at home, yourself.

PCM has a simple installation, providing you have a basic level of mechanical knowledge. The PCM unit sits in the engine bay using the provided carbon fibre mount and hardware, while the wiring loom is plugged into existing sensors in the engine.


Or for full peace of mind, all of our approved PCM dealers around the world can also install this for you, subject to labour charges.

Where to buy?

Our PCM can be purchased through any of our MMR Dealers around the world. You can find your nearest dealer here.

Alternatively, you can purchase directly from us here

So, you can now tune your G-Series M-Car. What's stopping you?

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