Whether you are looking for an informative dynamometer reading or a complete custom software calibration; our team of Master Calibrators are equipped with the knowledge, experience and toolset to ensure an impressive outcome every time without compromising the reliability of your vehicle.


Our talented team understands no two vehicles are the same and as part of an MMR+ Software Upgrade, we connect every vehicle to our Insoric Dyno to test the performance prior and after calibration.


The MMR Performance team have been developing and perfecting engine management recalibration software for many years. This experience and knowledge allows the team at MMR Performance to unlock the ultimate results from your vehicle with our MMR+ Software. We ensure that you will receive a professional and hassle-free service. Here at MMR Performance we take customer satisfaction very seriously and have made it our number one priority from when we started the business.


All calibrations are completed by our experience software team and backed up with our years of heritage within motorsport. MMR+ Software will free your vehicle from restrictions within the manufacturer software and increase power, performance and responsiveness.


Whether you are looking to gain more power or driveability from your vehicle or maybe increase the vehicles miles per gallon, our team of expert engineers are on hand to help and advise on which of our products are suitable for your vehicle and which will make the best improvements for what you are looking to achieve.


An expertly produced calibration where we take into consideration all individual engine components such as injectors and turbochargers. We then ensure all parameters are adjusted to be running their most efficient within their own manufacturers recommended specifications.


For clients that are looking to further enhance their vehicle our Stage 2

Calibration requires the addition of some of our selected uprated hardware. This can include exhausts, intercoolers fuel pumps and injectors allowing our engineers to apply a higher performance calibration safely.


Some of our clients, want the very best and seek the highest level of performance from their vehicle. Our Stage 3 is the perfect solution. We completely transform your vehicle with extensive hardware changes working in conjunction with our specific MMR+ Calibrations.




RacingLine has been developing high quality performance hardware parts for nearly two decades - firmly establishing themselves as the hardware brand of choice for Volkswagen Group vehicles.  But they aren’t stopping there.


They have been working flat out over the past two years to develop their OEM+ Performance Software. We believe it to be simply the best ECU Software Upgrades and TCU DSG Transmission Software on the market for VAG vehicles, conceived from a very different approach. By bringing together a full suite of carefully developed software, all matched to work in perfect harmony with their ever-growing range of hardware, we truly believe that RacingLine Performance can offer customers the most complete range of upgrades for their VWG cars.

OEM+ is offered in different ‘Stages’ with each stage giving increasing power outputs over the last. The simple format is that Stage 1 works on a completely standard car with no other modifications needed. Stage 2 then delivers higher power, and needs a high flow intake plus a high flow catalyst fitted. Then for those models on which they offer a Stage 3 option, that also requires an uprated turbocharger and other parts. Any required hardware parts that you’ll require will be advised by our team of engineers at MMR Performance.


It goes without saying that we recommend RacingLine Performance Parts hardware to go with their OEM+ software! They have done all of their calibration development to get the most from their own hardware at each stage and ensure everything matches perfectly. However, it’s not an exclusive deal – as long as you have chosen quality rival products for your hardware choice, OEM+ will still delight you!

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