MMR PREMIUM SERVICE KIT BMW M140i,M240i & 340i,440i


The MMR Performance Premium service kit for M140i, M240i, 340i and 440i models comprises of everything you need to carry out a general engine lubrication service; plus, we've also added some of our own upgraded components which you'd ordinarily change at the same time.

Not only do our service kits include everything you need, we've also created these packages with value for money in mind, with each one priced incredibly competitively.

This kit comprises of the following items:

  • Recommended O.E. spec oil filter.
  • MMR Performance magnetic oil sump plug and washer.
  • Recommended Shell Helix HX8 5/40 fully synthetic engine oil (7 litres included)
  • MMR Performance high-flow cotton panel air filter, which is available pre-oiled, or you can choose to opt for the non-oiled version.

There's also an option to upgrade to our easily installed and ever-popular billet aluminium oil filter housing.

All of our service kits also include a complimentary oil funnel, just to make your life that little bit easier.


Air Filter Choice
Billet Oil Filter Housing