The MMR Performance catch can kit has been engineered for owners of F2x N55 M135i, M235i and M2 vehicles that want to ensure their engines are running at optimum performance, by removing unwanted oil from the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) system before it can be recirculated back into the intake.

Higher mileage engines and those particularly that utilise direct-injection are known to suffer with sludge and carbon build-up on the backs of the inlet valves, but by removing the deposits through the catch can's filter and separation process, the intake air has less oil in it and therefore a higher ratio of oxygen is burnt, resulting in a cleaner, more reliable and better performing engine. 

As with all MMR components, our catch can kit has been designed to offer added performance, allow easy installation and enhanced aesthetics too. 

The T-6061 billet filter housing, anodised in our trademark MMR hue, is located on the inner wing using our precision made billet bracket for easy installation, whilst thanks to the bespoke race hoses and crimped race fittings, installation couldn't be any more straightforward - we've even replicated the more complex connector on the cam cover in billet aluminium!

Checking the level for any oil removed from the intake system is easy thanks to the integral dipstick. A cap-head bolt mounted in the lower section of the catch can allows for easy draining, or if you prefer, the lower section itself can be easily unscrewed and removed. 


  • Effectively prevents oil build-up in the intake system and intercooler walls
  • Maintains optimum engine performance
  • Easy installation with all supplied hardware included
  • Race fittings and PTFE-lined hoses throughout
  • Easy oil level checking and draining


Click Here For Fitting Instructions 


The entire catch can kit fits to existing mounting points so no need for drilling and can be used with the OEM engine cover in place.

This catch can runs in-line with the crankcase vent port; at low loads it experiences atmospheric pressure, but when the engine is at high load (wot), it will experience high flow out of the crankcase, which would normally lead to oil and sludge accumulation in the air intake pipe.

Oil accumulation will also occur in the intercooler which lowers the thermal efficiency properties of the heat exchanger and in-turn leads to decreased performance.


The upper section of our catch can features a pathway the oil vapour flows through,  incorporated within that is a filter to ensure any oil is separated effectively and allowed to accumulate at the bottom of the can.

Checking the oil level is easy thanks to our integrated dipstick and if oil needs to be drained, this can be done from the cap-head bolt mounted in the base of the catch can, or if you prefer, the lower section can be easily unscrewed and removed with the rest of the breather setup still in place.

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Casset Y.
France France

Très bonne qualité et envoie rapide et soigné

L’équipe MMR est très sérieuse. Le oil catch can que j’ai reçu est de très bonne qualité et s’est adapté sans difficulté. Une notice avec des photos serait un plus pour les novices. L’envoi a été rapide et très soigné. Reçu quelques jours après ma commande. Je recommande cette enseigne

Chi H.
Hong Kong Hong Kong

Doesn't fit N55 M2 too well

I would give 5 stars to the quality of build of the product. However it doesn't fit well with my M2. Basically the pipe are too rigid to flex and the catch cannot align with the mounting plate. So far I just leave it hanging on the side of the engine.

Harry L.
Singapore Singapore

MMR Oil catch Tank F20

One of the neatest oil catch tank i had used. High quality!