If you drive your M2 hard, especially on the track, you'll know all too well about the oil temperature limp mode.

The stock engine oil cooler is not sufficient at the track, temperatures skyrocket, oil deteriorates and limp mode is activated. The only way to get back to full power once this happens is to drive gently until the oil temps drop below the required threshold.

With the CSF Race-Spec oil cooler installed you can say goodbye to nursing your car around hot oil temps! Our cooler, tested in excruciating 46C temperatures has been proven to lower your M2's oil temps out of the critical range that causes the  temperature limp mode, which means more performance for you, for longer!  


  • Innovative 2-core in-series system.
  • Front full size core has 17 cooling tubes versus OEM 15 tubes
  • Secondary in-series backside cooler has an additional 6 rows of cooling
  • Made with CSF’s AC condenser technology using a 1-row super-high pressure 26mm multi-channel microtube.
  • High-density multi-louvered fin design for maximum surface area contact.
  • “Drop-in fit” requiring no modifications to install. Accepts all attaching OEM components including oil-line connections, mounting brackets, and shroud/ducting
  • World’s 1st and only true “plug-and-play” upgraded engine oil cooler for the BMW N55 engine in the BMW F87 M2 (2016+)
  • Track tested in 103℉ (115 ℉ heat index) – max oil temperature achieved 240℉.
  • This is a reduction from 275/280℉ track oil temperatures (limp mode) when testing with the upgraded CSF cooler on the vehicle versus the OEM cooler.
  • Need additional ½ quart for proper fill-up during installation (OEM cooler is 7 quarts. CSF’s upgrade Race-Spec M2 oil cooler required ~7.5 quarts to fill up properly.