The Nankang AR-1 is a faster, more refined track tyre, aimed at the track enthusiast who is hunting lap times. 


With only one compound option and with all tyres being produced with 5.5mm tread depth, the AR-1 is positioning itself in amongst the greats of the track tyre market.


Used as a control tyre by the M3 Cup / 330 challenge as well as a podium winning tyre in open tyre series such as CSCC New Millennium and 750MC Club Enduro.


The AR-1 has achieved EU tyre labelling giving it MSA List 1B approval


Optimum operating window 71-104 degrees celcius


Optimum camber settings between -1.0 to -3.0 degrees


HOT Pressure settings

<800kg  23-27.5psi

800-1000kg  24-32psi

1,000-1,400kg  27.5-37psi

1,400kg>  34-42psi

Nankang AR-1 Tyre

Tyre Size
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