The BMW S63 4.4 liter turbo V8 is a powerhouse of a motor. Unfortunately, after a bit of spirited driving, the stock air coolers don't really continue to keep the air at optimal temperatures. In addition, the stock coolers are more restrictive, killing top end performance.


Luckily, CSF is the first to hit the market with their brand new cast end tank designed high performance charge air cooler set for the M5 and M6. These liquid to air coolers have been custom designed to give a 28% percent increase in core size per each charge cooler with top and bottom, cross flow, and a dual pass water cooling core configuration for maximum efficiency and intake temperature reduction.


To ensure these have a perfect fit and are plug-and-play, CSF used 3D scanning and rapid prototype technology to precisely fit the coolers to the available space and maximize surface area utilization. They then used OE style Quick-Connect water connections and sensor port for easy installation. 


Finally, if you are looking to add even more power to your car, these tanks include additional E85/methane injection ports built in to the cast end tank design.

CSF Twin Charge-Air-Cooler Set for BMW M5 (F10) / M6 (F06/12/13)

SKU: 8109
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