The Pro-Series X bucket seat is the preferred choice of motorsport teams and enthusiasts worldwide where space is at a premium and a complete head protection seat may not be easily installed. With its increased lateral support and shoulder stiffness, Pro-Series X a must have for those motorsport disciplines where high G directional changes are challenging for the driver.


Offering exceptional lateral support and driver comfort, the Pro-Series X now boasts the latest foam and fabric innovations, including our new Jacquard fabric, high grip textured material and a vinyl option for all terrain use. These changes have enhanced its durability, performance and appearance. Complete with our specialised HANS® comfort zone, ensures full functionality with your HANS® device.

Featuring core DNA from Revenge X, the same subtle detail changes in the design have been applied for 2018 along with FIA re-homologation:

• New composite lay up in high stress areas increasing stiffness
• New designed inserts using 10mm 12.9 cap head bolt fixings
• Improved Head protection zone to ensure full functionality and safe use of FHR devices
• Improved Energy absorbing impact foam
• New technically improved moulded foam base cushion, with split thigh roll for improved and unrestricted leg support
• New cover design with high grip textured material in Key areas


Also available with or without seat mounts.


If you would like custom text and logos please contact us directly for pricing.


**Price is for one seat only**

Corbeau Pro Series FIA Motorsport Bucket Seat

Seat Size
Seat Cushion Colour
Seat Backing
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