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BMW 2-Series F22 I F23


Why fit?

Our MMR Sport Suspension fast-road upgrade for BMW 2-Series F2x combines our MMR Sport Dampers with our ever-popular MMR Lowering Springs to transform both the appearance and handling dynamics of your car, whilst still retaining a beautifully ride quality. The secret is in our development alongside Bilstein to a produce a set of fixed-rate shock absorbers with a precisely matched damping curve to the MMR spring rate.

Benefits of fitting?

Give your car a whole new lease of life with the MMR Sport Suspension upgrade. We've meticulously struck a ride & handling balance that matches the very best thoroughbred German performance cars - tight, perfectly controlled yet unmistakably sporty.

Many experts consider suspension development to be as much an art as a science. In truth, it's a bit of both. When it comes to a matched set of Sport Dampers and Lowering Springs at an affordable price, this non-adjustable fast-road kit solves the compromise between performance and comfort for keen BMW 2-Series F2x drivers.

The kit combines the MMR Sport Damper kit - comprising two front and two rear Tri-Valve dampers - with a set of 4 perfectly-matched MMR Lowering Springs specific to the BMW 1-Series. These springs provide a drop at the front of 20mm whilst the rear sits lower by 30mm.

Our track & race set-up experience on the F2x-platform has allowed us to develop this fast-road orientated damper exclusively in conjunction with industry-leaders Bilstein. The secret to our development with Bilstein has been to produce a set of shock absorbers with a damping curve that precisely matches the MMR Spring rate.

The Sport Dampers feature sophisticated dual tube design and low-pressure Nitrogen gas system that ensures the sophisticated ride and handling dynamics and sets them apart from standard OEM dampers. Each damper features three hydraulic valves inside: bump, rebound and a main valve, controlled by low and high-speed shaft frequencies (smooth and rough road conditions).

The result? The spring and damper setup we have reached gives a taught, sporty feel during high speed cornering on smooth surfaces yet always retains comfort on uneven surfaces. A little tighter than factory, sure, but never crashy or uncomfortable.

In other words, appearance, handling and ride quality that's exactly how a good hot-hatch should be.






2 Series


F22 I F23


All (no X-Drive models)


2013 - 2020

DEL Fitting Instructions.jpg

What's included?

The MMR Sport Suspension upgrade consists of:
> Two front and two rear MMR Sport Dampers.
> Four MMR Lowering Springs, specific to BMW 2-Series F2x

We strongly recommend a full 4-wheel alignment after fitment. The MMR Sport Suspension kit is easily fitted by any experienced technician, and fitment is fully reversible should you ever wish to remove them.

High durability.

Built exclusively for MMR by Bilstein, the bodies and bracketry of the Sport Dampers are made of mild steel, uniquely finished in the MMR satin silver with shaft in hardened chrome. The MMR Lowering Springs are powder coated in MMR Grey for a durable finish.

Workship white_edited.jpg

How we develop.

Every MMR Performance upgrade is developed and tested here in the UK by our expert engineering team of BMW enthusiasts.

Nothing gets the MMR logo until we've thoroughly proven it on road, track and dyno.

That's the MMR Performance difference.


How to buy?

Our network of expert MMR Performance dealers can supply the full range, together with product guidance and advice, plus often an experience fitting service.


If you haven't got a MMR Performance Partner Dealer close to you, don't worry! Remember you can buy direct from our MMR Performance webshop. Click here to browse and shop online, for worldwide despatch.


Prefer to buy online?

You can buy direct from our MMR Performance webshop. Click here to browse and shop online, for worldwide despatch.

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