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Why fit?

The MMR Performance RP650 Front Brake Pads are an essential upgrade to your factory F80 M3 braking hardware. Through extensive testing on road and track, the result is an advanced ECE-R90 approved high friction material that delivers near-zero brake fade under high temperature use, yet doesn’t requiring a warmup period.

Benefits of fitting?

Drive your car hard and the chances are you’ve experienced brake fade at some point. That’s where our High Performance RP650 Brake Pads come in. A simple replacement for your factory pads using the standard braking hardware, they deliver a much higher resistance to high temperature fade. This makes them perfect for fast road driving and even occasional track day use, yet without any compromise in daily driving.

A lot of our compound testing focussed on developing a pad that finds that sweet-spot between excellent cold bite and high temperature fade resistance. The result is a medium aramid fibre compound with friction coefficient of 0.42mu in the temperature range of 450 – 650°C.

This compound is the secret to how our high-performance RP650 brake pads provide superior stopping power and reliable performance under even the most demanding conditions, yet without requiring a warmup period.

As well as outright performance, another key development focus has been around perfecting pedal feel - resulting in progressive braking with unparalleled pedal response underfoot. The slotted and chamfered construction ensures quiet and smooth braking.

Meanwhile, our RP650 brake pads are designed to last longer than traditional brake pads, reducing the need for frequent replacements - even saving you money in the long run. This also means that the pads produce less dust than traditional brake pads, keeping your wheels cleaner and reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

Finally, it’s a legal requirement in most countries for brake pads to carry ECE-R90 certification – yet many other aftermarket pads do not. Not only is this ECE-R90 standard essential for legality (and potentially your insurance validity), this regulation gives you the peace of mind that the pads are tested and approved for cold performance, speed, sensitivity, friction behaviour, compressibility, shear and hardness. So, the pads will work just as well when cold as when up to full track temperatures.

Please note: if you are more serious about your track performance, we also offer the MMR Performance Track Pads (for the same car applications). These track pads are ideal for those who prioritise the ultimate track-day performance over all else, and are happy to accept less cold-temperature performance and don’t require the ECE-90 road approval.






M3 I M3C






2014 - 2019

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Product info.

> Perfect for fast road use
> Public highway legal – R90 Approved
> Works from cold – excellent cold bite and high temperature fade resistance
> Suitable for short use track days
> Due to bedding in material – bedding in happens naturally over the first 100-200 miles in urban driving
> Quiet and smooth braking from shimmed, slotted & chamfered construction
> Responsive pedal feel for progressive braking

Fitment note.

Only suitable for BMW F80 M3, M3C with M Sport Performance Brakes (blue calipers) with manual handbrake/parking brake.

Sold separately as car axle-sets of four Front Pads or four Rear Pads. Ideally we’d recommend replacing front and rear sets together rather than mixing brands/compounds between front and rear.

Matched RP650 Rear Brake Pads: MMR27-0501R

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How we develop.

Every MMR Performance upgrade is developed and tested here in the UK by our expert engineering team of BMW enthusiasts.

Nothing gets the MMR logo until we've thoroughly proven it on road, track and dyno.

That's the MMR Performance difference.


How to buy?

Our network of expert MMR Performance dealers can supply the full range, together with product guidance and advice, plus often an experience fitting service.


If you haven't got a MMR Performance Partner Dealer close to you, don't worry! Remember you can buy direct from our MMR Performance webshop. Click here to browse and shop online, for worldwide despatch.


Prefer to buy online?

You can buy direct from our MMR Performance webshop. Click here to browse and shop online, for worldwide despatch.

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