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REAR SET I BMW 4-Series I F3x


Why fit?

MMR’s Performance Grooved Rear Discs/Rotors are the perfect complement to the MMR Front Grooved Discs to upgrade your BMW 4-Series F3x’s braking capability. The rear discs feature the trademark MMR directional groove design and a black zinc anti-corrosion coating, so not only will they perform brilliantly in fast road and track use, but also look great for years to come.

Benefits of fitting?

The MMR Performance Rear Discs/Rotors make the perfect upgrade to your BMW 4-Series F3x M-Sport brakes (blue caliper) factory braking hardware. The 345mm x 24mm discs use the MMR directional groove design across the face for improved bite and debris clearance, plus helps to reduce distortion vibration during high temperature track day use.

In road use, these MMR directional grooves also generate less noise than straight or curved groove discs do, and don't suffer the fatigue cracking that drilled discs all too often experience after multiple heat cycles.
The two-piece disc (rotor) itself is made from high cast carbon - a mixture of high quality steel combined with carbon, giving a far higher friction coefficient compared to normal steel rotors. This is mounted via pin drive to an aluminium centre bell/hat.

To protect your discs and keep them looking great for years, a zinc high temperature coating in black is used for the centre bell and outer lip to provide thermal protection and ensure corrosion resistance for many years. Get rid of those corroded factory hubs forever more!

To really get the most out of these MMR Performance Discs, we recommend that they are combined with MMR’s RP650 Fast Road brake pads. All of our development has focussed on offering a combination of disc surface and pad compound that are perfectly matched to each other for fast road and trackday use.

Naturally, the discs are also compatible with stock brake pads, and other brand fast-road pads too. A matching pair of Front Performance Discs/Rotors are also available (MMR27-0501F); ideally we’d recommend fitting front and rear disc sets at the same time.






4 Series


F32 I F33




2013 - 2020

DEL Fitting Instructions.jpg

Product info.

> Perfect for fast road & trackday use
> High carbon brake rotor
> Pin drive aluminium bell / hat
> Zinc anti-corrosion coating on centre bell and outer lip
> Public highway legal – R90 Approved
> Quiet and smooth braking with MMR directional groove design

Fitment note.

Fitment is simple: these are a direct replacement for the M-Performance (blue caliper) factory vented rear 345mm x 24mm size discs/rotors. Simply remove old ones and replace with these.

We strongly advise replacing brake pads when new discs are fitted.

We also recommend:
• MMR Performance Front Discs: MMR30-0501F
• MMR RP650 Brake Pads: rear: MMR27-0501R / front: MMR27-0501F

Workship white_edited.jpg

How we develop.

Every MMR Performance upgrade is developed and tested here in the UK by our expert engineering team of BMW enthusiasts.

Nothing gets the MMR logo until we've thoroughly proven it on road, track and dyno.

That's the MMR Performance difference.


How to buy?

Our network of expert MMR Performance dealers can supply the full range, together with product guidance and advice, plus often an experience fitting service.


If you haven't got a MMR Performance Partner Dealer close to you, don't worry! Remember you can buy direct from our MMR Performance webshop. Click here to browse and shop online, for worldwide despatch.


Prefer to buy online?

You can buy direct from our MMR Performance webshop. Click here to browse and shop online, for worldwide despatch.

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