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Why fit?

The MMR Performance billet oil filler cap for all Mini F5x engines makes topping up your oil a pleasure! It has been designed to instantly give your Mini an under-bonnet boost in the aesthetic department, finished in a deep gloss black anodised finish.

Benefits of fitting?

The MMR Performance billet oil filler cap has been designed to instantly give your Mini F5x a boost in the under-bonnet aesthetic department and joins our existing range of engine dress-up products. We've now updated our design to allow the cap to be installed in a 0 or 90 degree orientation - to keep the cap aligned to either longitudinal or transverse engine installations.

Never again will you worry whether you tightened your oil cap fully - as our internally sprung cap clicks hard and locks into place. This cap will ensure that you'll never again have the problem of 'weeping' oil leaks from the standard cap - a known issue with many of these engines as age and mileage causes them to deteriorate.

Each cap starts life as a solid billet of 6061 aerospace-grade aluminium. It's meticulously machined from this billet with the latest CNC 5-axis technology, before being polished, then gloss-anodised to stay beautiful year after year.

The carefully considered design gives ample surface grip area for your fingers, making installation and filling your engine oil that little bit easier.

Available in both a deep black or signature dark anthracite anodised finish, so you can choose to either blend in, or stand out - whichever works best with your engine bay theme.

This filler cap will fit all engines with the rounded filler cap (shown in product images)

Please note you will need to re-use your original oil filler cap seal from your OEM cap.










B38 I B48 I B37 I B47



DEL Fitting Instructions.jpg

Product note.

Please note if the part is under excessive heat for prolonged periods of time, it can affect the overall finish which is unavoidable with anodised aluminium products. This doesn't affect the function of the cap in any way.

Fitting note:

This Oil Filler Cap will fit all B38, B48, B37, B47 engines (petrol & diesel). Please check that the shape of the underside of your factory oil cap is the same as shown in the side-by-side product image above (OE Part Number 11128655331).

Workship white_edited.jpg

How we develop.

Every MMR Performance upgrade is developed and tested here in the UK by our expert engineering team of BMW enthusiasts.

Nothing gets the MMR logo until we've thoroughly proven it on road, track and dyno.

That's the MMR Performance difference.


How to buy?

Our network of expert MMR Performance dealers can supply the full range, together with product guidance and advice, plus often an experience fitting service.


If you haven't got a MMR Performance Partner Dealer close to you, don't worry! Remember you can buy direct from our MMR Performance webshop. Click here to browse and shop online, for worldwide despatch.


Prefer to buy online?

You can buy direct from our MMR Performance webshop. Click here to browse and shop online, for worldwide despatch.

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