The MMR Performance Oil Filter Housing is beautifully over-engineered in customary MMR Performance fashion to give an exquisite looking and performing product.

BMW equipped their cars with a plastic oil filter housing which is fragile to say the least and is often cracked when removing and replacing, which in turn can also result in oil leaks. 

We have improved on the original design and have produced this part in billet aluminium which is very light and durable and then tastefully finished with a polished anodised dark anthracite coating.

Fitting is straight forward and best done in conjunction with an Oil and Filter change.

Simply remove the existing housing, remove the rubber O-ring, fit it onto your new housing, and install back in place.


  • BMW N20
  • BMW N52
  • BMW N54
  • BMW N55
  • BMW S55

Please note if the part is under excessive heat for prolonged periods of time, it can affect the overall finish which is unavoidable with anodised aluminium products.

Click Here for Fitting Instructions